Organisation Chart
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To nurture the intellectual growth of our students and to serve humanity through the creation, application, dissemination of knowledge relevant to technology.

To provide pre-eminent educational experiences that are stimulating, responsive to the needs of the 21st century and prepare the students for leadership in their profession and society, and also to address critical needs of industry and foster economic development.
Members of the Board
  Full Name Designation Background
  Dr. Subirkumar S.Banerjee President Business Man
  Mrs. Suvra S. Banerjee Secretary Hotel Business Woman
  Ms. Gauri S. Banerjee Member Business Woman
  Mr. Amitabh Bhaduri Member Business Man
  Mrs. Sumita Bhaduri


Business Woman
  Mr. Sudhir S. Banerjee


Business Man
Members of Academic Advisory Body
Local Managing Committee of Datta Meghe College of Engineering is activated as Academic Advisory Committee; therefore the members of LMC are the members of Academic Advisory Committee of our College.
  Following are the members of Local Managing Committee(LMC)
  Shri. Subirkumar Banerjee President
  Mrs. Suvra S. Banerjee Secretary,Member
  Mr. Sudhir Banerjee Member,Management Representative
  Miss. Gauri Banerjee Member,Management Representative
  Dr. Sudhirkumar D. Sawarkar Member Secretary
  Ms.Shubhangi L.Vaikole Member (Teaching staff)
  Mr. D. J. Pete Member (Teaching staff)
  Mr. P. M. Ingole Member (Teaching staff)
  Mr. P.M. Khurpude Member (Non-Teaching staff)
  Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body is Twice in a year