The fully computerized Central Library is located in 680 m2 area. It has more than 26,000 books, and various international and national journals. It has well trained staff to provide congenial atmosphere for the students, especially in locating and issuing books and also encourage

them to avail free Internet facility.

The library is proud to have the latest CD’s of the Indian Standards Codes as well as all Indian Roads Congress publications. A large number of useful reference and handbooks are available for ready reference.

In Mumbai University, Datta Meghe college of Engineering alone has the privilege to announce “ An Open Access” system to all the students, faculty and the staff of the institution. This system enables the students to use it to the fullest. The work for centrally air conditioning is in process.

It is completely computerized with bar coding system to issue and return the books. It has an audio/video set to view technical videocassettes with 131 technical cassettes covering the spectrum of the Engineering field.

The library is provided with multi-media system to refer to the latest CD’s as well as to surf on the net.

The library is proud to be Institutional member of Indian institute of Technology, Mumbai as well as British Council Library. This helps the students to get hands on the latest Conference Proceedings, Journals, Standards such as ASTM, DIN, British standards, etc.

To its credit the institute has an air conditioned seminar hall with a seating capacity of 200 members.
The institute has its own lease line leading to e-mail and internet facilities in the campus. The institute has a well- connected communication network with 4 incoming and 52 lines siemens EPABX systems, PCO etc.
Institute has playground spanning over an area of 1.8 acres. Provision is also made to conduct in door games such as table tennis, badminton, carom, etc.