The College is affiliated to the University Of Mumbai. The engineering programme is a four year course split over eight semesters.

The University conducts the examinations twice a year as it is in semesters. The academic programme commences in the month of July and ends up in November, after which examinations are conducted in the month of December. The next semester is from January to June, winding up with examinations.

The First, second, seventh and eight semester examinations are exclusively evaluated by the University, through central assessment scheme, involving the faculty of all the colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai. In case of third, forth, fifth and sixth semesters the paper setters, examiners and moderators are appointed by the University, the evaluation is done in the college under the supervision and guidelines set by the University.


Mid Term Test during the semester
Preliminary exam in every semester
Term work marks are based on test results and attendance, lab work, assignments.